Mission - Values


As a technology leader, we are shaping a sustainable future as a team with our customers, suppliers and employees.


Through technology leadership and innovation expertise, we create sustainable competitive advantages for our customers and support a beneficial ecosystem for future generations.


For us, being a leader means being an innovator, finding new opportunities for the development of our business and our surroundings. We always follow our own path, but are willing to be an example for others.


In our strives to improve the effectiveness of business processes, we always take a responsible approach to improving and modernizing equipment, and are able to meticulously assess the impact our chosen strategy will have on the environment within and without.


By focusing on business sustainability, we are able to pursue a flexible and balanced policy when it comes to manufacturing and distributing our products.


We show respect by meeting as equals, mutual appreciation and tolerance, as well as a responsible approach to resources and risks.

Team Spirit

Team spirit means actively supporting each other and accepting support in order to be more successful together than alone.


Flexibility is in our genetic roots, has long been valued by our business partners and is therefore a key factor in our success.


For us, openness means approaching new things with an open mind and thus promoting diversity, innovation and transparency at Metadynea.

Handshake quality

With the handshake quality that we practise in the company, we create trust and can rely on each other even in difficult situations! We keep our word!