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With the knowledge of a market leader

Metadynea is a leading provider of high-value adhesion solutions for various industrial applications. Metadynea has also developed a strongly integrated position in formaldehyde. We have decades of formaldehyde production experience as well as a broad knowledge base regarding the use of formaldehyde in different applications. Thus, we can provide you with professional advice on how to choose the best possible formaldehyde formulation for your individual needs. Metadynea is recognized as a reliable partner by our existing formaldehyde customers, and we continuously strive to earn that reputation by placing an emphasis on quality, productivity and technological innovation.

A full range of formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is an essential ingredient, applied in the manufacture of numerous products used every day. With the best available technology, Metadynea can offer a full range of formaldehyde for various applications. Our customers include traditional formaldehyde users, such as resin-, MDI- and Butandiol producers, but also industries with special quality needs, like pharmaceutical industry. We can deliver our aqueous formaldehyde solutions in different concentrations, at various temperatures and with miscellaneous stabilizers to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Engineering excellence

During the last twenty-five years Metadynea and its predecessors have invested significant effort in improving its formaldehyde manufacturing process. We are technology leading in a silver-catalyst process that provides improved formaldehyde quality and increases plant efficiency. As a result, we are able to produce formaldehyde that can meet even the most demanding needs for reduced levels of methanol, formic acid and other impurities.

Health, safety and environment

Even though formaldehyde occurs naturally, exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde should be avoided. Therefore formaldehyde solutions need to be handled with care. Metadynea recognizes the HSE issues associated with formaldehyde and implemented process and handling technologies to enable the safe manufacture and distribution of our formaldehyde products. Metadynea is in compliance with existing formaldehyde regulations and the REACH registration program.

The more you rely on us as your formaldehyde expert, the more we can help you in dealing with emission concerns. We are always pleased to offer detailed information on health & safety issues.

Locally at your service

Chemical properties of formaldehyde make its transportation challenging. By use of different temperatures and stabilizers, transportability of formaldehyde solutions can be increased.

Formaldehyde is regularly shipped only short and intermediate distances, up to about 500 kilometers from production site.

The qualified technical service staff of Metadynea will gladly provide you with professional advice considering transportation possibilities.

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