C10-Aldehyde – Decanal

Metadynea Decanal, CAS [112-31-2] is produced in the gas phase using catalysts that operate at the point of highest selectivity. Metadynea can offer Decanal in the highest purity, made possible by unrivaled advanced technology in the gas phase.

Metadynea does not convert or purify palm-oil-containing streams like most of our competitors. Metadynea starts by converting high purity Decanal from Fischer-Tropsch-synthesis or Ziegler-process and converts it to high purity Decanal. Our gas-phase technology makes Metadynea a global technology leader in offering high purity Decanal, saving costs in your downstream processes and increasing safety in your application.

Leveraging our 75+ years experience in the field, we are committed to providing the purest Decanal to our global customers. Our client list includes many major pharmaceutical and science companies, universities, research institutions and chemical distributors.

Metadynea is the regional market and technology leader with decades of practical knowledge transforming methanol to formaldehyde. Metadynea produces n-aldehydes out of respective n-alcohols. Approximately 400,000 tons of these quality products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities every year, including our premium Decanal. Metadynea is an ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 and Responsible Care certified company, committed to environment and safety.

Please ask for high purity technical grade Decanal or higher regulated qualities for food, feed, cosmetics or pharma.

Chemical and physical properties

CAS No. 112-31-2
REACH Reg. No. 01-2119967771-26-0004
FEMA No. 2362

General formula: C10H20O
Decanal (% rel): min. 98.5
Water (%): max. 0.2
Odor control: yes
Appearance: pale yellow liquid
Stabilization: Tocopherol