Toll manufacturing

Toll manufacturing and scale up services

Since 1948, we have experience in toll manufacturing of a wide range of polymers, fine chemicals & specialty chemicals for the largest companies in the world in coatings, flavor & fragrance, flame retardants, pharma, agriculture, rubber, textile, leather, wood-based materials, urethanes and many more.

We are living long term partnerships with our business partners and such partnerships are built on trust and open communication. We believe that trust is created through a mutual understanding of the target, the responsibilities and joined business values.

Advantages when toll manufacturing with Metadynea

  • flexible multi-purpose units
  • high technical and HSE-expertise in R&D, scale up and manufacturing
  • deep expertise & structured approach in process development with a dedicated cross-functional team
  • state of the art analytic equipment and quality control
  • location in the heart of Europe with truck, train and Danube barge-service
  • We go the extra mile and constantly optimize our production processes.

Our toll manufacturing capabilities

  • dehydrogenation
  • oxidation
  • alkylation
  • dehydration
  • nucleophilic substitution at carbonyl-group
  • distillation & reactive distillation
  • esterification (carbon acid & phosphoric acid)
  • polymerization
  • hydrolyses
  • isomerization
  • blending/mixing - liquids
  • coating/blending/mixing - solids
  • further technologies on request

Our toll manufacturing plant & equipment

  • different gas phase reaction units
  • stainless steel reactors up to 30 m3
  • heating up to 320°C
  • water cooled belt flaker
  • fractional distillation columns up to 100 theoretical trays
  • coating and mixing units for solids

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