Plant Fire Brigade

Your competent partner for health and safety issues at the industrial park of Metadynea Krems.

"The best protection for persons and facilities, combined with a high degree in economic efficiency, readiness for duty, continuing education and advanced technology." – That is our vision for the companies we serve in the industrial park of Metadynea and the neighboring company Stiefler.

In order to ensure that these companies are able to carry out their businesses safely, we offer a package containing preventive fire precautions, all kind of emergency services and active firefighting.

Our primary purpose is not to be active in the case of a fire, but rather to prevent incidents, accidents and to avoid damages to people and facilities. We aim to advise and train all employees working on the site and to include them in our accident prevention concept.

All companies at the site take advantage of the achievements and experience of our experts as well as from our positive image in the provincial fire department organization. Only someone who takes care of preventive actions minimizes the risk of damages, and only someone who is equipped properly can limit possible effects in case of an emergency. That approach shows responsibility towards employees, the environment, the neighborhood as well as towards the community.


The plant fire brigade Metadynea Austria in Krems is a member of the Transport-, Unfall-, Informations- und Hilfeleistungssystem (TUIS) of the chemical industry in Austria.

In this role, the experts from our company fire brigade offer rapid telephone assistance in the event of transport accidents on the road, on railway tracks and on waterways. They also support public emergency teams, fire departments and the police with their knowledge.