Product Development

Metadynea strives to be the technology leader in all the business sectors the company is operating in. Because of this principle we have built a strong R&D function in the Research Center in Krems, Austria with following targets:

  • to provide a thorough understanding of the chemistry we are using
  • to develop and optimize products and solutions to fit customer processes and specific needs
  • to develop future concepts meeting the requirements of tomorrow; Metadynea is able to meet significantly lower emissions requirements with systems already developed.

Target Industries 

The R&D department in Krems focuses primarily in adhesives, hardeners and various binder solutions to serve the following industries:

  • Wood based panels such as particle board, MDF, OSB and plywood
  • Paper impregnation for the decorative surfaces industry for furniture and laminate flooring products
  • Fine chemicals for various applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agro, dyes and odorants
  • Halogen-free flame retardants
  • Water and solvent based resins for industrial coatings
  • Adhesives for special applications like fire lighters, etc.

Our chemists and process specialists have a long experience in their specialty fields. They are able to finetune products to the exact requirements of our customers’ processes. The results help customers to save money and operate their production with higher efficiency. Furthermore, we are able to create products with our customers that have improved properties and a higher value.

Low Emission Resins

One of the foremost activities and R&D results of Metadynea are the low-emission resins and technology for today’s requirements and for tomorrow. For all product types in the above mentioned applications we have been able to reduce formaldehyde emissions while keeping the mechanical properties of the final product as required. We use state-of-the-art methods and equipment to determine the formaldehyde emissions from our customers’ product samples:

  • Emission chambers with conditions according to ASTM D 6007 or EN 717-1
  • Gas analysis according to EN 717-2
  • Perforator method according to EN 120
  • Desiccator method according to JIS A 1460

For wood based panels we can cover all emission classes from E1 to ½E1 / CARB2, 1/3E1, F**** and even down to AsWoodTM with emission level equal to untreated natural wood.

Analytical Services

Modern analytical equipment is absolutely necessary to ensure the quality of our high-performance resins, to safeguard the development of new resin types with designed features, and to monitor the technological development of the products in our market segments.

The department is staffed with highly experienced analysts who operate a multitude of devices mainly on chromatographic basis, but also spectroscopic instruments. For very special investigations like structural analysis of materials by NMR technique we co-operate with university institutes and certified labs in order to get satisfying answers to any analytical challenge.

Quality Control

The quality of our products is determined and guaranteed by well maintained and modern production units. However, Metadynea ensures the specified quality of our products by analyzing characteristic features of the products and raw materials. This happens in our state-of-the-art quality control labs.

Our trained and precisely working technicians control the stability and the quality of the chemical substances.Only if all the parameters agreed with our customers are within the specified range the product is released for delivery to the customer. This means we guarantee constant product quality for optimal processes at our customers.