Fatty acid C10 - Decanoic Acid

Metadynea produces Decanoic Acid, CAS [334-48-5] in the highest purity, which is achieved through unrivaled advanced technology in the oxidation process.

Metadynea specializes in fatty acid chemical manufacturing for research, development and production, including pure supplies of Fatty Acid C10 - Decanoic Acid (99% pure). We manufacture fatty acids, such as Decanoic Acid to support the evolving needs of our customers in research & bulk manufacturing activities. Our 99% pure Fatty Acid C10 - Decanoic Acid is especially suited for palm kernel oil free applications in the flavor and fragrance sectors.

Metadynea does not convert or purify palm-oil-containing streams like most of our competitors. Metadynea starts by converting high purity Decanol from Fischer-Tropsch-synthesis or Ziegler-process to Decanal and converts it to high purity Decanoic Acid. Our gas-phase technology makes Metadynea a global technology leader in offering high purity Decanoic Acid, saving costs in your downstream processes and increasing safety in your application.

Please ask for high purity technical grade Decanoic Acid or higher regulated qualities for food, feed, cosmetics or pharma.

At Metadynea, we are committed to providing the premium Fatty Acid C10 - Decanoic Acid to our global customers. Our client list includes many major pharmaceutical and science companies, universities, research institutions and chemical distributors. Metadynea is an ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 and Responsible Care certified company, committed to environment and safety.

Chemical and physical properties

CAS No. 334-48-5
REACH Reg. No. 01-2120139722-58-0023
FEMA No. 2434

General formula: C10H20O2
Decanoic acid (% rel): min. 99.5
Acid value (mg KOH/g): 320 - 328
Water (%): max. 0.2