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Metadynea Austria commits itself very strict to Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality issues, and by using and living defined environmental and HSE standards, Metadynea contributes to preserve the environmental surrounding at its production site as well as the health of Metadynea workers. Sustainability is capitalized in our daily business, as our production is optimized in terms of work, transport, and energy consumption.
Obligatory information to public according to Industrieunfallverordnung:

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Metadynea Austria is always open and supports discussion and internal contributions by employees as we believe, that certification according to ISO 14001 or 9001 and Responsible Care, may be only a basis for further improvement. In it’s production and transport processes, Metadynea Austria performs a maximum of sustainable thinking by using different possibilities in terms of transport and energy consumption. Due to Metadynea´s location at the Danube River and the proximity to the Krems Harbor, we get a certain part of our raw material deliveries by shipping over the river route. This advantageous situation is used for about 30% of our raw material transportation. However, the train is the main transport facility for our raw material. Due to connections to the main railroad in Northeast, Metadynea can be delivered by the train to an extent of 40 %, which is a comparably high amount.

Overall, the amount of environmentally friendly transportation of raw material is around 70 %. The rest of deliveries of 30 % are transported by truck on the road.

In respect to transportation of manufactured products, the balance is mainly on the side of environmentally friendly transportation. 80 % of sold products are delivered by train, which is a great reduction of truck usage, which amounts to 20 %. Transport on the river is – due to the properties of resins – not advisable, and in most cases not possible. Summarily, Metadynea takes its obligation of using environmentally friendly transportation very serious.

Metadynea has a high-performance system of waste treatment. The entire waste is handled according to the Austrian Waste Regulation. In the last years, Metadynea was able to reduce the harmful waste by 1/3, not only in relation but also in absolute amount. The different waste categories are processed in cooperation with a local waste managing company. Hazardous wastes according to the regulation are processed in a separate waste plant in Vienna.

Wastewater treatment is an important issue at Metadynea in Krems, primarily because the plant is connected to Austria´s biggest river, the Danube. The amount of wastewater is comparatively small, because water is reused to a high extent. The environmental quality of the residual water is measured by floating to a pool with living fish, before it leaves the plant.

Metadynea is very proud of its energy generating and consumption system. Due to the production of Formaldehyde at the site, Metadynea produces weak-gas, which contains hydrogen. This hydrogen weak-gas is used in hydrogen motors to produce electricity. Since 1996, Metadynea and preceding companies are pioneer in hydrogen gas electrification.

Metadynea creates 72 % of electricity for the whole site from weak-gas electrification and 96 % of steam from process energy. The rest of steam (3 %) is created by incineration of renewable resources. Only 1 % is made from natural gas.

By this, Metadynea´s energy production is environmentally friendly in a world-leading extent.


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