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Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Metadynea’s MDF resins offer low emissions, moisture resistance, fast cure, tolerance to different wood species and variations in fibre humidity.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is used mainly by the furniture industry, but also for interior mouldings as well as substrates for laminate flooring. The homogenous structure of the MDF board gives it good bending strength, smooth surface and good screw retaining properties, making it suitable for many different applications. The vast majority of applications do not require a water-resistant adhesive. Liquid urea resin is preferred in MDF production based on its fast curing and low cost. To a lesser extent melamine-urea resins are also used to manufacture MDF when a degree of moisture resistance or dimensional stability is required.

Dry processed fiber board (MDF): We offer standard and individual solutions for all applications in the fiber board industry demanded in EN 622-5.
Standard E1
Prefere 11F304
Technical Data Sheet – Prefere 11F304 (223.58 KB)
Flooring boards (HDF)
various urea formaldehyde (UF) and melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF) resins.
Technical Data Sheet – Prefere 11F285 (221.39 KB)
Thin fiber boards (THDF)
various melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF).
½ E1 (< 5 mg/100 g Perforator)
Prefere 11F301.
various melamine modified urea formaldehyde (mUF).
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