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Phenol-Formaldehyde Resol

In case of resols we talk about liquid resins of brown-reddish color.

Phenol-formaldehyde resols are used in many applications, such as plywood, OSB, LVL, mineral wool (insulation), laminates, abrasives, refractory, foundry, resins coated proppants and so Metadynea has a varied product portfolio to meet the different requirements including special resins for individual requests.

Resin production process has features depending on the application; however, they are largely similar.

Phenol-formaldehyde resins are produced in a batch process in cooled stainless steel reactors. A large amount of heat is obtained during the reaction between phenol and formaldehyde; it requires intensive cooling of the reactor.

First formaldehyde affiliates to phenol, then the derived products are condensed and, as a result, a polymer is obtained:

When the necessary parameters (molecular mass, viscosity or phenol/ formaldehyde content) are obtained, the resin is rapidly cooled and unloaded to the storage, ready for supply.

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