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Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde (MUF)

Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde (MUF)

MUF resins and adhesives are classified as thermosetting polymers produced by a condensation reaction between melamine, urea and formaldehyde. These MUF polymers can be formulated to provide various degrees of water and weather resistance for use in exterior, humid and indoor climate. Added variation in viscosity and reactivity give these resins a wide application area, greatly exceeding that of UF resins.

Metadynea manufactures MUF resins in liquid form. The products are designed for use in the production of wood-based panels. Where applicable, our MUF products have been tested and approved by official testing bodies for use in the building industry.

Metadynea has developed a wide range of resin technologies to offer the best possible solution for the different process conditions employed by a variety of customers. Metadynea’s MUF resins and adhesives can be modified to meet specific plant performance criteria, including formaldehyde emission requirements, reactivity, tack, assembly time and physical properties. Our MUF products are environmentally friendly and capable of meeting or exceeding the various performance criteria required by the different standards like ANSI, NPA, ASTM, EN, and ISO.

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