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Metadynea is running  the most advanced industrial resin production in Russia. Process  development, construction and  implementation is done based on leading European know-how and expertise.

High level of automation and possibility to precisely adjust every batch results in high quality resins with a high stability of parameters in every batch. So our customers are able to work without any adjustments in their process from one delivery to another.

Our plant laboratories are equipped with the most modern equipment to make precise measurements not only to fufill the standard requirements but also to follow and control non-standard quality parameters of resin, including real-time parameters of synthesis.

The analysis of produced resin is made not only at the end of synthesis but also during the storage time till the end of shelf life. This assures high quality of resin and will guarantee the same to our customers.

Metadynea has a research and development center in Austria. R&D center with the most modern analytical equipment, laboratory sized reactors for trial synthesis, pilot  line for resin application and presses for wood gluing. The existing equipment allows us to test resin properties and to simulate industrial results and behavior of the resin.

Metadynea continuously develops its products to maintain the leading position in the Russian resin markets. We constantly invest in the improvement of existing processes and in the development of fundamentally new resins.

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