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Production of a wide range of refractory products requires materials, including resins, with different technical parameters.

Metadynea is one of the biggest suppliers of powder binders based on novolac resin for production of shaped refractories in the Russian market.

Our binder portfolio enables to quickly provide a product for your needs. We also have the opportunity to develop binders with special characteristics to meet your requests in our development centre located in Krems, Austria. We also have a close cooperation with a leading European institute for this development.

Use of our resins ensures long cycle life of the lining of the core equipment in steel industry and assists and achieving reduced production costs.

Our experience in this application supports customers to optimize use of binder, increase the productivity and competitiveness of our customers’ final products.

Metadynea production process control systems and industry experts allow us to make necessary changes to optimize binder parameters for a particular customer and his need.

Technical service department gives support and necessary consultation in the use of binders and helps improving customer’s production process.

We maintain the consistent high quality of the resins trough modern equipment, experienced personnel and strict observance of production procedures.

Powder resins for refractory industry
Primere 88N8232 (282.46 KB)
Primere 88N8242 (282.49 KB)
Primere 88N8442 (282.50 KB)
Primere 88N8245 (282.50 KB)
Primere 88N8231 (281.95 KB)
Primere 88N8342 (281.96 KB)
Primere 88N8133 (281.90 KB)
Primere 88N8144 (281.94 KB)
Primere 88N8345 (281.93 KB)
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